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privacy policy

The insight designing privacy policy to those interested in getting to know the usage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As defined, PII is information that can be used alone or together with other categories to recognize, contact, or identify a person in the framework.

Go through our privacy policy carefully to obtain an explicit knowledge of how we accumulate, use, protect your Personally Identifiable Information to the maximum extent we can.

Your privacy is important and we are always dedicated and committed firmly to doing our works increasingly straightforward to you that are completely comprehend and consent to it.

The personal information you submit need not be mandatory or you can even refrain from submitting the same on our website.

If it is so that you are not obligated to provide us or our service providers with any of your personal data, simply do not access our Sites or use our Services.

On utilising our services, you may be asked to provide your details and try to include the discretionary information without which we may not be able to provide or satisfy you with our best customer experience.

The visitors of our website are requested to provide you with the approach to type in your name, email, postage information, or different subtleties to assist you with your experience.

The information is to be submitted to our website to get updated about services or to buy services.

Our relationship with you changes to our terms or security arrangement.

You can also approach an auditor to know the overview of the services and the conditions to follow the same.

You are supposed to ensure your visit to our website is a business to our service providers.

You are supposed to submit the details once to subscribe to our newsletter for receiving frequent updates on your mail.

The merchandise or administrations that might hold any importance with you may request a proposal or suggestions for which the mandatory information is to be submitted.

Some features may collect and conserve your information automatically with the visit by own configuration or manual of each tool on the website.

When you visit, connect with, or utilise our service, the specified details are collected automatically autonomously or with the assistance of third gathering Service Providers, including all the other following innovations.

Such data comprises the location, IP address, framework, cell phone ID, time of visit, referring site, visit records, etc for purposes including examination, service-, tasks, business quality control and enhancements, and record-keeping purposes.

Through such a practice the website, services, and security are improved. The data received is procured in the following ways.

  • To deliver the services purchased
  • Compile anonymous statistical data
  • Assist law enforcement
  • to improve our website and offerings.
  • To provide certain services
  •  For marketing and promotions
  • To create, maintain, customise, and secure your account with us.
  • To personalise your experience
  • To help maintain the safety, security, and integrity of websites and services
  • In regard to the agreement to sign
  • To respond to your demanded administration
  • To catch up after the mentioned node of communication

How we protect your data is just the way we do with our own.

  • No scanning
  • No providing with articles
  • Not even for credit cards
  • Your information is kept confidential behind secured systems

The clients who deal with insight lighting are requested to do a careful understanding of our privacy policy details and hold the right attitude with the same.